QuantLib training

From time to time, I teach an Introduction to QuantLib Development course in London based on the contents of my book and organized by MoneyScience. It's an intensive three-day course in which I explain the architecture of the library and guide attendees through exercises that let them build new financial instruments based on the frameworks I describe. I've recently recorded a Google Hangout with MoneyScience's Jacob Bettany to talk about the course: here it is.

If you want to be informed of the next time this happens, give me a shout at luigi.ballabio@gmail.com. Please write even if London doesn't work well for you; if there's enough demand, I'll try to bring the circus closer to your town. In-house training is a possibility, too, and so are university lectures.

Also, in October 2014 I recorded the workshop A Look at QuantLib Usage and Development for Quants Hub. It is at a more introductory level, it spans about six hours of video, and it is available for purchase either alone or as part of their annual subscription. The first 15 minutes or so are in the video below; you can have a look to see what the workshop is like (set it to full screen for a better experience.)